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Welcome to My Blog! My name is 方英冬瑾. (Pinyin: Yingdongjin Fang)  I also prefer “Cindy” because it is my English name since I was 8 years old when I started learning English. I am majoring in Technical Communication and minoring in Business Communication at Southern Poly. I also studied two years at North China University of Technology in Beijing. I am a senior now and will graduate next year in May. (YAY!) I have enjoyed my life in the States so far.

I currently work in the International Programs as a student assistant. I enjoy working there because each semester I get to meet and know a lot of new international students from different parts of the world. I like interacting with them and to hang out with them as well. There will be original ideas and different point of views sparkling out when you talk with them.

I am a traveler. I love to travel and see new things, which makes me very excited and cheerful. I spend a lot of money either on traveling or shopping. I have been trying to go somewhere new during semester breaks. I have been to countries like Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany. I have also been to cities in America like New York, Boston, Miami, Key West etc.

Here I share some pictures from my travels…


I went to Berlin this March with ‘City as Text’ class. We also had a photo-blog which we wrote down our experiences. I would like to share the photo-blog with you:


As for media use, I form my habit of checking and replying emails since I came to the States. I didn’t frequently check emails  when I was in China. Now I can link email to my phone to get new email updates.  I can also check and reply emails using an iPad and a computer, etc. This is a big change for me! I log in instant messengers everyday such as Skype and QQ. This is how I keep in touch with my parents and my friends in China!  Media has become more and more important in our lives, and I can’t wait to learn more about media from this class! 🙂

Let’s keep in touch!


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