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What I learned from Ashley’s talk

Our guest speaker for last class, Ashley, talked about current trends in advertising company and agency. Ashley works in a company called 360i, a digital marketing agency, which provides clients marketing advertisement solutions. Ashley introduced the traditional circles of advertising agency and how that model changed in nowadays market. The traditional circle of advertising includes creative, media and account departments. Ashley works in the media part of the Agency where she contacts and communicates with clients and discusses the best location to put the ads on media to achieve higher degree of concern by audiences.

Working in the media department, employees need better communication skills and some math skills because she or he has to face the clients, present and talk with them frequently. After the class, I asked her about how her degree helped her in her work since I noticed she said that she was studying political science and economy before. I learned that you don’t have to be in a marketing or advertising major to work in the field. Some agencies or companies like employees to have various background of study as long as they have the skills needed for the job such as knowing efficient communication and basic math.

The marketing and advertising market changes fast. Nowadays, the time of creating a perfect advertising, considering carefully and waiting to approve where to put the advertisement has gone. Instead, ads come quick, design quick and put on market quick. If it fails, fail quickly as well and make time to prepare for the next advertisement campaign.


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