Apple. Inc on social media

If you are the owner of the company or a worker of a company, would you care about how the public “gossips” about your company? From a reviewer’s perspective, it is always interesting to glimpse into various comments discussing acclaim and criticism of the company. For this week’s blog, I examined social media sites such as WordPress blog, Facebook and Twitter to see how Apple company is being talked about in social media sites and how Apple’s social media strategy is being implemented in those sites.

WordPress blogs

Blogs on WordPress update quickly about Apple Inc and it products.  There will be a new blog about Apple Inc every 5 to 6 minutes. There are various comments on WordPress blogs, however, individuals instead of the company wrote most of them.  It is very true that blogs contain “whatever the blogger wants to write about” (p.250). You can find various comments on blogs. I found people praise, rant, and mock Apple and its products. There are people who spontaneous blog product release information. For example, I found a short blog just telling readers the ipad mini with retina display will release on the 1st of November in UK. Ranters are not alone, people who blog about how they are disappointed with Apple products are numerous as well. What interests me is people on their blogs start coining “i”-word on everywhere.

Here are icookie and ipaid:



By the way, Apple Fans are called “iFans”.


Apparently, Apple Inc did not care about Facebook at all. There are zilch posts and updates on Apple store and Apple Inc’s Facebook page. Most Apple Facebook sites are created by Fans.  On Fans of Apple Facebook pages, there are a lot of updates of Apple’s products, news, discussion and comments. (Fans of apple

Facebook has been remaining as the most influential social media websites. One suggestion that I would make to Apple Inc is that they probably should utilize Facebook’s influence to increase their presence.


Apple Inc has two accounts on Twitter. One is called Apple news (, the other one is Apple Inc, in which I didn’t see a lot of tweets. Apple news seems to be more popular, with 75,778 tweets and 657,585 followers, Apple news earns more attention and targeted strategy is managed well on social media.

Social media connects the world to one. Social media are gradually becoming the weathervane of the market. When something becomes a fad it is most likely that it is being talked about on social media. Whoever conquers the social media will probably become a market leader. Social media strategy should count more than before in a company’s overall strategy. Like the old saying goes, “All press is good press”, people who discussed most on social media good or bad seems not to be important, it is still beneficial to the company. Being talked about, even though with complaints, still makes companies popular among others, because people are following the company. Companies being involving with social media should be following the trends in our information age.


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